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  • Glove Repair FAQ

    What is a trapeze glove?
    Trapeze refers to the style of webbing. The trapeze is basically what it says its a trap style web. The reason for the extra cost involved for relacing a trapeze is because it is a fair amount more work and used more lace (Trapeze gloves cost $6.00 more than regular gloves). Click here for a picture of a trapeze.

    How much would it cost to send you a glove via U.S. Mail?
    This depends on several things, your location, weight of your package and size of your package. If you go to the United States Postal Service web site you can click on the calculate postage link to figure your cost. Normal shipping cost for us ranges from around $7-$9.

    My son has a heart of the hide, outfielders trapeze glove. Recently the little thumb holster broke. A couple of guys here in the area that toy around fixing gloves said it wasnt worth fixing, but my son really loves that glove. Is it something that can be fixed and if so, how much?
    Yes, just send an email to, give us a description of what is wrong and we will quote you a price.

    Only part of my lacing broke, is it possible to just repair part of my glove instead of paying to have the whole thing done?
    Sure, if you go to our prices page you can look at all of our different packages as well as partial glove repair options. Included on that page is a picture showing each part of the glove that we can repair for you.

    How long will it take to get my glove back?
    Each glove that we receive is sent back to you within about 3-5 business days after we have received the glove from you.


    Our email address is

    Gloves are normally sent back within 5 days after we receive them.
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